Developers Log #1: Hello gamers!


Hi all,
I m Bojan and I come from Serbia. No, it’s not Siberia (area in Russia, that big wild and cold place), for I wish to thank destiny/God/parents, since I m summer and sunshine fan. Therefore, yes – English is not my native language, so sorry for any future mistakes.

siberian-woodsPicture 1: Vast forests in Siberia

Long time ago, in a dimension far, far away…
Some eons ago (actually its two decades) and in some probably different dimension, as youth could be defined from the eyes of middle aged man, I had a dream to make my own games.
Just a small hint about that different dimension – spending own youth in the country ripped by civil wars, international sanctions, poverty and criminal for entire decade (90s). It was awesome!
Most of the people lost monthly salaries (it was down to level of 2-3 $ paid for entire month work), jobs, usual style of living, but still, most also preserved humanity and that feeling that we are all in same basket. Politicians, criminals and those that managed to “use situation” made crazy amount of money. We, common people, got stronger, crazier and with hope, ready for change things to better. Then 2000 uprising came, and all hopes and dreams started to vanish year by year, while we accepted some way of life that cannot suit needs and philosophy of life in our blood and nature. Revolutions devour own children.

But crown jewel of that crazy times was wide spread pirating of everything, games included. We played in those time loads of games per day, as much as developers in other countries can produce. Loads and I don’t know how we managed to find that much time.

Serbia-Mokra-GoraPicture 2: Not exactly where I live, but close (some 40 km away)… and Gandalf was seen there, too 🙂

Well, to shorten the story, to make games was and remained just a dream for numerous reasons – from hard developing process (no pre-made game engines free for all as nowadays), over lack of programmers and other necessary professions, crazy overall situation, to shortage of money. But main idea and ideas for different kind of games survived.
And I promise, there are many, many ideas to come true, just I hope there will be enough luck and support for it.

For first chit-chat more than enough, don’t you think? 🙂

Stay well,