Developers Log #2: EQ2 and Will Smith


We all get friends in common but also in a strange ways. For the gamers, to make friendship online probably isn’t a big deal, specially now, so i ll stay on that that I met Rejz in the most common way. Back in 2006 I think, we both started to play probably my favorite MMORPG ever – Everquest 2.
It was great, and it was counterpart to World of Warcraft. It was similar as once has been with those old VCRs. Sony with its BETACAM got pro league, all other took over with VHS whole amateur market. 😉

EQ2Picture 1: My house, with loads of imba house items and trophies, was close by

So, WoW took almost entire online population for years, while EQ2, by my opinion much better game, was focused on more mature players. As comparison, for all those WoW fans, already in that time EQ2 has features as players taunting and screen post effects. Combo for taunt + fear and similar, where you can see screen as you are hard LSD addict, was and still is crazy thing for PVP. Does WoW has it? After 10 years? Nope! 🙂

But, anyway, market said what majority had to say about both games, and WoW is still around with many millions of players. Gz Bliz!
In EQ2 Rejz was a Mage (I hope its right name of the class, since I forgot if its more exotic) and I have played some type of rogue – Swashbuckler (tanking rogue, something like that). It was really something to play in that huge world, with – trust me – millions of options regarding questing and things to do. On our voyages we met also one girl from Texas, Zandora, which was nice Fury or some other healing class, and with whom we had nice time for few months of playing.

Almost when we started to play, and taking in account frustrating open world PvP (in a good way), we came up on usual phrases and later macros, for quick communication.

bad-boys-the-moviePicture 2: I mean, do you just attract violence?

Just for joke, we took lines of song from Bad Boys, movie with Will Smith, and of course in original great Bob Marley’s song:
“first: bad boys, bad boys…
other one: whatcha gonna do?
first one: Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?”

Almost ten years later, naming indie developers team “Bad Boys” was obvious and didn’t require too much effort on picking right name. 🙂
Ah yes… and how we end up in this story? Well, it was pure coincidence. I was talking with one friend, which is good in C++ programming, about old times and games that we played in youth and that we still miss, and that we should do something about it – as making our own versions. Games for Amiga as Utopia, Battle Isles and History Line, Perihilion and many more. When i got home, Rejz (and he is some 300 km away) was on gmail chat and his first line was: Hey, lets make some game.
Damn, don’t say twice – let’s roll… but i ll leave that for next log.

Stay well,