Developers Log #5: WW2 games rule, WW1 is boring trench combat


Panzer General, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Company of Heroes, Battlefield, Hidden and Dangerous, Commando, Sudden Strike, Wolfenstein, Silent Service, Blitzkrieg, Close Combat, Men of War, Hearts of Iron,  Ruse, IL-2 Sturmovik, War Thunder, World of Tanks, Warplanes and Warships… list is really big for World War 2 games. Not just strategies, but everything.

sudden-strikePicture 1: Sudden Strike, great WW2 game from the start of 21st millennium

And what is going on with Great War? From Red Baron, Wings, History Line, over Victoria, Codename Eagle and Necrovision, to Valiant Hearts, Ace Patrol etc. List is small and almost silly compared to WW2 games list.

There are many reasons for that – even in history topics, WW2 is more covered, more written about, there are color pictures and even camera shot movies in real combat condition. Great War has some old movies, some from frontlines, pictures are usually black & white, and documents and archives regarding it, if not destroyed later in WW2, then they are well covered by dust. These few years, while it is centenary of the Great War, they will get some attention, and then their fate is again in loss of interest and finally complete oblivion.

From gamers perspective, WW2 is treasury of endless fun, no matter on genre. Who wouldn’t like hundreds of tanks versions, same with airplanes, all kinds of battle theatres and big number of participants, new technologies and weapons.  With such situation, to neglect Great War is easy task. Some gas attacks, lots of trenches, some silly airplanes and Indiana Jones tanks. But truly, is that all?

rare-color-photo-ww1Picture 2: One of rare color photographs from the Great War

Few years ago I had more or less same opinion and view on Great War. Because of that mini project of my with web site for Serbia’s involvement in Balkan and Great Wars, I had to read numerous books. Some of them were description, review and analysis of events and battles. It was epiphany. And in that moment idea for All Our Trenches was born. Of course, foundation was already there – love for Blue Byte’s History Line game and the Great War history. Read material was just stone bricks for the castle that I want to build.

Why All Our Trenches name? As I said, the Great War was huge world event. All of us, or the most of us, have someone that fought in that war. They were dying on fields, on dead man’s land, in trenches. And just because we generally forgot about them, about our forefathers and their deeds, about slaughter that swallowed Europe and the World, those trenches stayed, well after the war. Re-excavated after some time, and might be again any time.

shaving-in-trenchPicture 3: There are no living soldiers of the Great War any more, just memories remain

Fortunately, re-excavation that we want to perform is the game, in honor of that event and our forefathers. For people that love strategies, respect importance of the Great War and love military subjects.

Stay well,