Simultaneously Executed Turn Based Game


All Our Trenches is not real time nor pure turn based strategy. It combines the best from both systems in Simultaneously Executed Turn Based Game System.

Main Pros of such system:
– It is realistic
– It is fair
– It saves the time
– It allows massive number of players

In real combat situations, and specially as they were in the Great War, it is hard to predict enemy moves and even execution of own orders by subordinate officers and troops. Commanders need to fulfill that task in best possible way, to know their officers and their troops.
Entire battlefield is fluid, where in each moment something can go in wrong direction. It is not chess game where opponent always wait other one to make a move, it is constant game of cat and mouse, where roles can change in a moment.

All Orders are carried out simultaneously, so there is no advantage for the commander that plays first. Everyone have same chances that have to use in a proper way.

Timing is crucial
With SETB system, there is no more idle time, where one commander has to wait endless turn of other one, watching how his own troops cant react just because it is not his and theirs “turn”.
All commanders play same time and they can set timing for each turn and for execution phase.

The more the merrier
This simultaneously playing allows loads of players, which allows AoT to implement and execute large battlefields with lots of commanders, structured by certain hierarchy, fighting together against other group(s) with massive armies.

Main Cons of such system:
– It is much harder then classic TBS

With realism comes complexity that every realism has in itself. AoT is not for everyone, not for gamers that don’t like to plan ahead. Follow up all units and their complex orders list, together with enemy units, will be hard task but in same time very rewarding.