Battlefields and their features


As All Our Trenches want to bring realism to the players, battlefields will have following features:

Battlefield is hex tile map but relief and not flat based, which is not often seen in the games! This will give better feel of terrain to the players and will be visual guide for calculating effort that units have to made, line of fires, obstacles and other important aspects of any real battlefield.

Battlefield will be size of maximum 90 x 90 hex fields. Since basic hex field on the start of the game is some 300 x 300 m (real life measures), it gives that battlefield in the game will cover around 30 km x 30 km of real life ground.
This basic hex will be enlarged with progress in the game, so final grand battlefield will be on the level of war theaters.

Relief types
From lowlands and plains of France, over hills of Serbia to mountains of Italy, players will enjoy playing in all types of relief where Great War battles took place.

Terrain types
Let your unit fight in the mud and bring disaster of them. Or found them some rocky ground, so they can move faster while protected from enemy fire.
Terrain types are very important, with own attributes that affect units on the battlefield.

Terrain features
You can use grassy plains without obstacles for fast movement of cavalry or you can hide artillery in some holt or you can give infantry order to make ambush well covered by trees.

Men made objects for civilian usage can be source of rest for tired troops, for boosting moral or cover. And when they are not available, player can always give units orders to make fortifications and trenches.
And even destroyed objects can be used for some purpose.