Developers Log #7: Boyz from the hood VS Freelancers


We started with general game idea, limited resources and missing team members. By checking different game engines, we decided to go for Unity Engine. We needed programmers, 2d artists and 3d modelers.

Solution was to find some freelancers over adequate sites, where that sort of people lurking. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We registered and after some time we found programmer to make UI, one to work on implementation of hex map in 3d and one 3d modeler to make models of German units. It ended up in hitting dead ends in all three โ€œstreetsโ€. Which is good, you know, better on the start than somewhere later.

Guy that has to work on UI, from Argentina, was cheap and gave some nice time frame to finish everything. But, turned out that he had experience in older Unity, and new version 5.0 just arrived. With it, arrived new UI system. After one month or so, programmer provided us some 1/3 of entire work, and we decided to stop entire UI development till we check on more important things.

grid-map-version-1-dayPicture 1: Pre-pre-alpha build… day shot

For implementation of hex map in 3d, one Italian programmer proposed solution to put loads of reflectors over 3d terrain (made with heightmap). It looks nice, but, in term of needed resources it was catastrophic. Drop of frame was so hard, that I think it could be played but on some NASA or similar computers, in pause of calculating models of multi dimensions and wormholes. Again, we lost one, two months on this development. And money, too. L

3D modeler was guy from Slovenia, and later I found out that he was just in some pause between two jobs and he wasnโ€™t so horny on 3d modeling but he looks on it as nice hobby. That costed us also some two months, but almost nothing moneywise. He made or picked up somewhere nice soldier model, but it was around 10.000 polygons, although I insisted on low-poly model nonstop.

grid-map-version-1-nightPicture 2: Pre-pre-alpha build… night shot

In one moment, it was truly depressing. Then, luck changed a bit, and some positive wind started to blow.

Long time ago I had internet cafรฉ and loads of kids were playing there for 5 years. Almost 8 years after we closed it, most of them stopped to be just kids, but turned to grow up men, with finished universities, nice jobs etc. One of them, Uros, finished Academy of Fine Arts and become painter, illustrator and concept artist. His work is really good and we liked it, plus he is great person, so we offered him to start working for us on 2d art for the game. He made us some very nice menus, logos and in game UI, but it ll be covered in some other article. For now I ll just throw you a links toward his portfolio: and

For modeling, we found via same freelancer site another modeler, Kris, for which turned out that he is also from Serbia, from northern part of the country (Kikinda). His portfolio: Although cheap, the main reason we were happy to involve him in development is idea to make some solid team of people that can build close business relationship. Same mentality and language is nice foundation for such a thing.

boyz-n-the-hoodPicture 3: Gz if you remember this one and also King of New York ๐Ÿ™‚

So, we end up with boyz from the hood, and not some freelancers from land far away. Yey! ๐Ÿ™‚

Stay well,