French 370 mm mortar


French-370mm-mortarThe 370 mm Mortar was a product of and for French artillery. The gun itself was so big it had to be mounted on a rail and moved slowly into a semi permanent position. The Gun was transported, then the mount was moved and then the ammunition. The round itself had to be loaded using a loading car rig. It could fire three rounds a minute and propelled its round about 5 miles away. The French were known as the great artillery force until the Second World War.

Only 10 guns the 370mm Filloux mortar model had been produced in 1915. This impressive weapon was able to send a 400kg projectile at 10,500 m. 4 of these guns were sent to Italy during Summer 1917 in order to support Italian army. They belonged to the 13th Group (26th and 27th batteries) of the 73° R.A.L.G.P. (Régiment d’Artillerie Lourde à Grande Puissance). They shot ca. 500 projectiles between August and September 4, 1917, in the Monfalcone area.

French-370mm-mortar-1Picture: 370mm Filloux mortar in action