German 10.5-cm howitzer 1916


German-10.5cm-howitzer-1916The German lFH 16 was designed during the war by Rheinmetall as a replacement for the old, standard light howitzer, the lFH 98/09. It had a longer barrel than the older gun, and also a new type of breech, needing one less movement in order to be opened. It fired the same ammo as the old gun, with one addition: the so called C-Geschoss, i.e. Gas shell. They were manufactured by a number of different manufacturers, and they began to be issued to the troops from the beginning of 1917. When the war ended 3.044 lFH16s were in service. After WW1 the lFH 16 saw service with the Belgian Army and some guns were captured and reused by the Wehrmacht in 1940.

One interesting note for the 1.F.H.”16 is that a piece of this type was Kemal Atatürk’s Funeral Gun. This howitzer and its limber can still be seen at Atatürk’s Mausoleum in Ankara, Turkey.

German 10.5-cm howitzer 1916-1Picture: 10.5-cm leFH 16 – 105mm Field Howitzer

In Weimar and Third Reich German service the 10,5cm was transported with the same limber as in WW1 but the horse harnessing and driver saddles were different.