Chain of Command


Player will be represented with commander and he will have his subordinate officers. Also, there will be contact with higher command which will bring in the greatest generals of the all sides in the war.

Subordinate officers system
Beside units, big variation in the game will bring those officers, with own attributes, skills, perks and experience. Good handling of units, officers and battles will give player and his commander good relation with subordinate officers, while wasted efforts of units will bring him their scorn and greater autonomy in decision making and even rejection of the set tasks.

Commander progress
From the beginning the player selects a commander then develops him towards its vision of ways of handling the battle. It is on players decision if he wants to develop offensive fighting style, or maybe waiting for the right moment in the implementation of strong defense and so on. Commander gains experience and perks, and relation not just to subordinated officers, but to higher command and officers that are above him.
On the very start of the game Commander is of colonels rank and he commands with units of regimental size, and through game it moves up in hierarchy gaining command over much larger units – divisions and entire armies.

Independent decisions making
Each subordinate officer will have own AI which will be triggered to certain level, depending on how good is line of communication and relationship between commander and that officer. In case of braking lines of communication, personal AI takes over and unit will be handled by that subordinated officer, to good or bad result, for entire time until communication is restored.