Story and campaigns


Player plays commandant of the one Great War participant thought historical and fictional battles of the war, progressing with ranks, upgrading subordinate officers and troops, obtaining better weapons and arms.

The whole design, game mechanics and features are for the purpose of immersion of players in the role of commander of the war and the war itself, which are driven by the large and bloody battles with millions of lives lost.
The story will cover war period 1914-1918 and follows life and work of chosen commander. Player through war diary, narrative and communication with subordinate officers, “lives” and experience the war. Each mission and campaign, beside different flow of missions and endings, will have different story line. Same story line will be seen differently depending on type of commander – profile of offensive person doesn’t see or feel events same as more defending one etc.


Commander begins with lower rank and then progresses. Player will have option to increase number of core units and their strength and improve military technology, just like the enemy will do. Depending on the previously performed missions, enemy units can be changeable number.
Additional diversity of missions, as well as their difficulty, make the enemy commanders and their subordinate officers, who provide certain units with bonuses and benefits.
Closer to the end of the war, the player has more and more complex missions, as well as additional tasks that in the event of a successful finishing helps, but in the case of “Pyrrhic” victory, bring penalties in future missions.
Certain missions, at a certain point, can lead to historical milestones such was the Russian Revolution that puts players in the position to choose sides – for “whites” or soviets.

Story and alternative
As much missions are close to historical events, as story line will be close to real history. Otherwise, the story can distract player and his commander in daydream or nightmare with alternative history making.