Developers Log #8: Zulu Dawn


I was thinking what to do with idea about hex grid on real life terrain. By luck, there was one asset on the Unity’s Asset Store that seemed as solution to that issue.

Grids Pro asset is awesome. It has grids placement and shaping as you like, and in presentation video, in one screenshot, I have seen exactly what we need. So, to avoid more freelancer hunting, I wrote some e-mail and sent directly to the company that made that asset.

Die AntwoordPicture one: Chill out, its an art!

In same time, i have just watched that Blomkamp’s Chappie movie, with those two crazy musicians – Ninja and Yolandi. First time I heard about them when they made that new version of Pitbull terrier, music theme from Emir Kusturica’s movie “Black cat, White cat”. And some other songs are good, too, of course for the people who like that freaky tunes 🙂

So, we have Southafrican music group, movie and lastly it turned out that mentioned company is again – from South Africa, named Gamelogic. It couldn’t be a coincidence and it was logical that something good will comes out of it. 🙂

editor ver1Picture 2: One of first versions of the editor

Response was positive, guys from Gamelogic – Jonathan and Herman – read Game Design Document and requirements, and made some plan how to achieve what we want.

The idea is to have editor that can out of heightmap create relief with hexes only. Then, to allow user to put in, actually to paint, textures for terrain, then terrain features, objects and finally units. Additionally, I have asked to put inside option to also “paint” attributes for each of those map elements, and in that way speed up making of map and defining parameters for everything on the map.

editor ver2Picture 3: Setting attributes to terrain

After few attempts, mostly because of scene and map optimization, they have managed to make great editor and asset for our game! Without any problem, we can make in editor 90 hexes x 90 hexes (which is equal of around 30 km x 30 km of real life terrain) and work on it. No memory leaks or some strange lagging or anything similar. It runs perfectly! Thank you guys! 🙂

editor ver3Picture 4: Just some simple example of editors output

And there it is. We have working editor, now toward some pre-alpha prototype while we are still young! Young… Erhm

Stay well,